Barrel racing jackpot competition

The Tablelands Tin Spinners barrel racing competition has been rescheduled to Saturday, December 16.

The event was originally down for December 2, but the weather turned sour.

Even before the weather turned nasty organisers had a contingency plan in mind. Just in case.

 They were quick to enact their plan B once it became obvious that the weather was going be unsuitable for staging a successful competition. The early notification of the plan change gave participants with considerable travel distances, time to make alternative arrangements.

Over 100 riders and horses were expecting to participate in the Goulburn, Australian Barrel Horse Association (ABHA) jackpot competition and everyone riding on the ground must be a ABHA member.

 The event, now scheduled for Saturday, December 16, will bring riders from all around southern NSW and possibly further afield, looking for points to qualify for the national championship competition.

Dot Dewsbury, one of the event organisers said they are expecting lots of junior riders, as well as open competitors across the various classes.

“Competitors who registered for the event on December 2 do not have to re-register, she said.

“Saturday’s event will be held at the Goulburn Campdraft Association grounds, near the airport.

“We will be starting at 10am with barrel racing after a warm up and familiarisation period. If weather and time permits we will be holding a bending competition too.

“Goulburn had a fairly strong barrel racing club in the past interest fell away. Our new club is looking for more members and we are excited about the competition on Saturday.

“Some members, like myself, are also members of the Australian Bushmen’s, Campdraft and Rodeo Association and compete at these events as well as the ABHA competitions.

“We try to organise the ABHA events so they do not clash where possible with the rodeos.

“If the weather holds out for us spectators can expect plenty of excitement and action. It can be enjoyable too watching the tiny tots having a go at the competition.

“There are plenty of prises on offer for the competition thanks to the great local sponsorship we have received. We are hoping that some of our sponsors will have time to drop out and watch the action too.”

To get to the Campdraft ground head out to Goulburn Airport on Windellama Road. Drive down the airport entry road and turn left on the side road just before you get to the hangars. and follow the signage.

EXPERIENCE COUNTS: Barrel racers often compete in both ABHA  and rodeo association competitions. Photo: Darryl Fernance

EXPERIENCE COUNTS: Barrel racers often compete in both ABHA and rodeo association competitions. Photo: Darryl Fernance