Open up other exit points say residents

For a long time Run-O-Waters Estate residents have been calling for a second exit point from their estate in case of emergencies.

And with development of the whole South Goulburn area near the Big Merino and the accompanying generation of more traffic – residents are also becoming increasingly concerned about safety as they enter and exit the estate.

Despite what agenda the council had in the public meeting – these two concerns were voiced continually throughout it on Thursday evening. 

Whether they will get any answers remains to be seen, though it is clear that Mayor Bob Kirk and operations director Matt O’Rourke got some feedback from the night. 

This was a crowd that was tired of delays in opening up another access route and they wanted to see some action – not watch a traffic modelling DVD.

Mayor Bob Kirk tried valiantly to reign the discussion in – but his take-home message was voiced loudly and clearly him – reopen Carr St asap, then get on with the opening of the Pockley Drive to Mary St link. 

“So if I were to walk out of this meeting saying that we want to progress the discussion about the reopening of Carr St above everything else – I would be on the money would I?” Mayor Kirk asked the crowd.

A loud “YES!” was the overwhelming reply from the frustrated residents.

Operations director Matt O’Rourke explained that this is indeed one of the options on the table that the council will proceed with, along with opening the Pockley Drive to Mary St link and the Tait to Lockyer St connection. 

The hold up in relation to Pockley Drive to Mary St link appears to be a proposed development in the area and Cr Kirk clarified his recollection of the commitment the council had given to reopening Carr St. 

“I do not believe we have made a commitment to opening Pockley Drive - my understanding is that it is a ball park consideration in conjunction with a DA for that area,” he said. 

“Whenever Carr St got blocked off, for whatever reason – the fact remains it is blocked off – and it is up for council reconsideration like everything else - I hear what you are saying on this.”

So it seems the council should move on – whatever happened in the past – and open up these alternative exits asap because that is what the residents overwhelmingly want.