Goulburn Motorcycle Club female champions

KEEN TO RACE: Goulburn Motorcycle members and champion riders Alyssa Wallace and Sarah-Jane Collins. Photo: Lindsay Wallace
KEEN TO RACE: Goulburn Motorcycle members and champion riders Alyssa Wallace and Sarah-Jane Collins. Photo: Lindsay Wallace

 It has been a great year for two of Goulburn Motor Cycle Club's  young women riders.

 Sarah-Jane Collins and Alyssa Wallace have travelled many kilometres over 2017 to participate in the out of town  and sometimes interstate competitions in their favoured motorcycle events.

For Sarah-Jane Collins it has been Amcross and some long track circuit racing.

She raced at all the Amcross rounds, Goulburn Motor Cycle Club Amcross rounds and rode Long Track at Bega for the annual South Coast Cup. Next year she intends to race at more events and compete in both Amcross and Dirt Track disciplines.  Sponsorship is an important component of the women’s ability to keep their bikes in first class racing condition and defray the costs associated with entry into events Sarah-Jane’s sponsors are: Goulburn Signs and Chris Weeks Motorcycles, who are are very proud of her achievements during 2017.


  • 1st 2017 Goulburn Motor Cycle Club Ladies all powers Champion
  • 1st 2017 Ladies all powers Amcross  Champion
  • 2nd 2017 South Coast Cup ladies all powers (Long track)

Alyssa Wallace has just completed her first full season of Dirt Track racing and has shown improvement at every meeting she's ridden at. Towards the end of the season she stepped up to the 250cc class and quickly adapted to the much larger bike. She also started taking wins against her male rivals. Alyssa is looks forward to racing in 2018 now she has a season under her belt. In 2018 Alyssa is looking to consolidate her national and state results in the junior women's classes and race competitively against the boys.

“None of my 2017 results would have been possible without the help of my sponsors,” Alyssa said. This includes assistance with equipment and training. “Thanks to the Herfoss family, Paul Parlett for supplying her the 250, Chris Weekes Motorcycles and Sean Andrews for all the countless hours spent tuning the suspension on both my bikes.”


  • 1st 2017 Australian Junior Women's Long Track Champion, 
  • 6th 2017 Australian U16 boys 85/150cc Long Track
  • 1st 2017 Victorian Junior Women's 85/150cc Dirt Track Champion
  • 1st 2017 Victorian Junior Women's 250cc Dirt Track Champion
  • 3rd 2017 South Coast Cup Junior Boys 85/150cc Long Track
  • 2017 ACTMCC most improved junior rider of the year

Both Sarah-Jane and Alyssa hope they can encourage other girls to follow in their footsteps, especially with the impending construction of the clubs motocross facility on Sydney Road.