Letter to the editor: Another let down for Goulburn

It was a concern to read the Goulburn Post page 3 report, ‘State rejects second jail’ (Dec 11).

It is becoming patently obvious that NSW only exists in the Sydney basin, as anywhere past Campbelltown does not exist as far as the current government is concerned.

So the question is: ‘What part of the world does Goulburn fit into?’ It seems that it is not NSW, as far as this current government is concerned.

We have a State Government that sees the spending of billions of dollars pulling down and re-building stadiums in Sydney as more important than providing the development of infrastructure in country areas.  How many jobs would such a project as the proposed jail generate for this area? 

Where was the local member when such proposals were considered? It seems that her voice is no longer heard in the corridors of State Parliament. One could also ask, when was the last time the Premier of this State paid a visit to Goulburn? These questions need to be considered when future elections come around.

Alan Whitten, Goulburn