“We don’t want to be the fun police, people want to have fun in a safe manner”

 It's safety first for the Goulburn Aquatic and Leisure Centre team.
It's safety first for the Goulburn Aquatic and Leisure Centre team.

It has been a good start to the summer season according to Goulburn Aquatic and Leisure Centre manager Peter Raines.

The message from the team at the centre is safety first, as the facility is set to experience one of its busiest seasons, with four major events over the next few weeks.

Mr Raines said it was the lack of required supervision and the use of mobile phones around the pool lifeguards continue to address.

“Usually everyone is pretty good, and we’re looking to provide an enjoyable service to the people of Goulburn as the temperatures are predicted to rise. The main message for us is adults looking after their children,” Mr Raines said.

“Distractions, such as the use of mobile phones, is something we usually see. We urge parents that whilst they’re here to put their phones down.

“Whilst we have lifeguards, the onus is on the parents.”

Last summer, about 40,000 people attended the facility, with 15,790 people accessing facilities in January alone.

Mr Raines told The Post he expects a 25 per cent increase in numbers over the 2018 summer due to the events.

Despite the early cold snap for the season, about 15,000 people accessed the pool in November. 

For larger families, he suggests increased supervision and support. For older attendees, he stressed the importance in adhering to pool rules.

He also advised adults to avoid relying on floaties for younger children as it does not eradicate the risk of an incident in the water. 

“We don’t want to be the fun police, we want people to have fun in a safe manner,” he said.

“Our centre, as opposed to river and creeks, is a safe environment. We urge to plan ahead, respect the rules of entry and enjoy the summer.

“The big message is to come and have fun”

Earlier this year the National Aquatic Industry Safety Awards awarded the pool with an Excellence in Aquatic Safety for a small facility. 

Forty people work across the Goulburn Aquatic and Leisure Centre. 


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