Our clubs | Warrigal Auxiliary report

Warrigal Auxiliary

Warrigal Auxiliary have regrouped for 2018.

President Wendy Crisp opened the meeting and wished all the best for the coming year. Wendy was very pleased to welcome Sue McDonald to the Auxiliary.

Last year was satisfying. With continued community support, the Auxiliary was able to assist with funds for palliative care equipment and ‘in house’ expenses, such as activities, comforts and gifts, which the residents enjoyed. It all begins again and plans were discussed for events through the year.

The annual fete will be held on Saturday, April 14 at the Scout Hall. Bookings for stallholders can be made with Wendy on 4229 5161 and we look forward to their support. Prizes for the pre-fete raffle were organised. Ticket selling will begin soon and a purchase of one ticket is appreciated.

The Coffee Shop girls are enjoying a well-earned rest and will return on Wednesday, January 31. Thanks for their assistance.

The Auxiliary and Coffee Shop are always glad of new volunteers, attending meetings is not absolutely necessary if inconvenient.

Best wishes to those not feeling up to par. We hope you will soon be your old selves again.

The latest meeting was held on Tuesday, January 7. The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 6 from 1.30pm at 7 St Aubyn Road.

- Barbara Dunn, publicity