A taste of the Festival of Hockey 2018 | GALLERY

Goulburn district residents and visitors to the city have been treated to a smorgasbord of high quality hockey so far with the Australian Festival of Indoor Hockey being played at the Veolia Arena.

From some of the nations best senior players representing their states and vying for National Championship honours to the stars of the future. some of whom are sure to achieve national recognition in years to come.

Indoor hockey is a relatively new sport in Australia though it is apparently quite big overseas.

 While the championships have been held for several years  and players have been selected for international competitions the players have generally come from field hockey competition backgrounds with only limited opportunity to play the indoor game.

This is changing as Goulburn and the district has witnessed. We are fortunate to now have a stadium to cater for the indoor version of the game which considerably from the field game.

 It also has different rules to the field game but there are plenty of skills crossovers so often outdoor players also compete in the indoor version of the game. Goulburn’s Veolia Arena also provides considerable spectator viewing and for many of the games, even the junior games there can be a couple of hundred people watching.

Goulburn has a reputation of being a hockey town, as many of the visitors to the Veolia Arena have realised as they check out the Goulburn Sporting Hall of Fame with its large number of national representative players dating back many decades, right up to current times.