KIIS FM host Will McMahon misses show after bike accident

KIIS FM's new national drive show host, Will McMahon, was hospitalised as a precautionary measure after being involved in a bicycle accident on Tuesday.

McMahon missed his 4pm radio slot alongside co-host Woody Whitelaw on the Will & Woody show after he was hit by a car while cycling to the Melbourne radio station in Richmond.

"I don't really know what happened to be honest. This guy pulled out and hit me, and I went down and my head hit the deck - so like wear a helmet kids, that was the first lesson," a recovering McMahon told KIIS listeners when he called in from home. "The second lesson is, if you are driving a car maybe carry a first aid kit with you because the first thing the guy took out ot me when I hit the deck was wet wipes."

When the show first went to air today, Whitelaw explained that McMahon was not seriously harmed but did visit the hospital.

"He was on a bike," said Whitelaw. "He's bike riding to work these days and he did get hit by a car .. he is OK, he's been to hospital, he's been checked and he's all clear."

To reassure fans they later posted an Instagram video of a grinning McMahon being wheeled out of hospital in a wheelchair.

McMahon only recently became a keen cyclist, according to Whitelaw.

"I don't think he's lycra man," Whitelaw told listeners. "But he did this silent retreat and now he's all environmentalist. He's off green house emissions, so he rides everywhere."

"That's what you get for helping the environment," McMahon later joked on air.

Breakfast show host Jason 'Jase' Hawkins filled in at the desk alongside Whitelaw.

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