The top five conspiracy theories about Kylie Jenner

With Kim announcing she has welcomed a baby girl via surrogate on Wednesday and Khloe's reveal, via Instagram, that she is expecting, it's been left to Kylie Jenner to keep up the pregnancy conspiracies on social media. And, as Kylie has effectively been in hiding since August, when news, fake or otherwise, first broke that she was four months pregnant, she's left her fans believing - dare we say - expecting - that 2018 will bring a Kardashian trinity.

After rumours surfaced over the weekend that the youngest reality TV sister was already in labour when partner Travis Scott posted a Snapchat on a private plane, which he captioned "Make it home to ya one way or another" fans were almost certain her pregnancy would be announced on a two-part episode of E! Keeping Up with the Kardashians this week.

But they were left disappointed. Jenner's hiatus continued unabated. Viewers were instead gifted with Kris Jenner's meltdown over her earlobe shape and Khloe's pregnancy reveal.

We have received only a few clues (thinner than Jenner's lips circa, 2010) about whether another grandchild is really on the way, and fans of the franchise, sorry, family, are naturally frustrated. It's been six months, after all. Who can blame the internet then, for trying out a few conspiracy theories about why Jenner has not shown her face since the rumour - still unconfirmed - that she was pregnant arose in August.

1.She may be Kim's surrogate

The mother-of-two and Kanye West have remained tight lipped about the identity of the surrogate holding their third child. Is this because it is Kylie?

Insiders have reported that the surrogate is "close" to the family with Kardashian gushing to The Real, "I love her. I have the best relationship with my surrogate. She is the perfect person to do this for my family." Jenner was not spotted at her sisters' baby shower, reportedly holding a pink-themed secret celebration for herself the next day. Or was she? Cue: suspicious music.

And with both children reportedly due in January, fans are theorising that perhaps Kim wanted to keep her child in the family, meaning Jenner will remain MIA until the baby is born and she can return to her infamous fingernail over forehead Instagram poses. It is somewhat unlikely, given medical professionals recommend having your own child before opting to become a surrogate.

2. New images released to throw fans off number one

Kylie Jenner was reportedly spotted at CVS on Monday, where she appeared to cover up her growing baby bump in an oversized green hoodie and leggings while looking at the maternity product section. But some people aren't buying it, with no other images snapped by media or fans shared on social media. And the image, which was published by US Elle seems a little too close and contrived to be a pap shot. So perhaps it was taken early and released by the Kardashian family to throw us all off conspiracy one? But all it has done is create another conspiracy!

3. She is pregnant, can't have lip fillers and is therefore hiding her face

Since 2015, there has been a spike in lip injections reported by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, which has been dubbed "The Kylie Effect." But according to cosmetic and plastic surgeon Simon Ourian, who is responsible for Jenner's fuller lips, filler during pregnancy is a huge no-no because of unknown chemicals.

"I recommend that women stop getting their lip filled as soon as they learn they are pregnant," he toldPage Six. "No one knows the implications of lip fillers on pregnant patients since dermal fillers haven't been tested on pregnant women."

Jenner in the past revealed she was insecure about her smaller lips, so perhaps she is pregnant and just not okay with them in their current state. After all, the beauty mogul has built her entire lip kit brand on fuller lips.

4. Kris is koncerned about her daughter's privacy

If you have been following the family's social media presence (it's hard to sometimes keep up- Kris alert: perhaps we need an app to tell you when their accounts are updated) there are two very noticeable patterns, all images of Kylie are from the chest up, or she is absent altogether - for further reference, see their annual Christmas party and other gatherings.

Gone are the days that the Kardashian/Jenner clan could be forthcoming about personal news on social media. It is calculated and mysterious, with even their subscription-fee apps void of gossip. Image control is Kris' middle name, so it was no surprise that the Momager was highly concerned last episode after Kylie informed her a staff member was caught taking photos of her at home.

"I really feel bad for Kylie because there's always somebody that's trying to exploit a certain situation," said Kris, 62, who contemplated having the employee "arrested."

Kylie has had no problem sharing candid images around her home before, but full selfies have been noticeably absent from her social media as of late. Is this because she is hiding a baby bump?

5. Or perhaps she is not pregnant at all...

Maybe she continued her 2016 resolution of "realising stuff" in 2017 and is tired as a result.

Confirmation has been harder to come by than a limited edition Kylie Lip Kit, but with a few weeks until the this season's finale and the release of Jenner's Spring/Summer Love cover, maybe a special beauty release will reveal all. Or a photo essay book of the pregnancy after she did broke the Christmas card tradition.

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