'Heteronormative gossip': Jack Antonoff denies Lorde romance

Lena Dunham's ex, musician Jack Antonoff, has publicly brushed off rumours he is dating singer Lorde, calling the talk "dumb heteronormative gossip".

"I resent having the most important friendships and working relationships in my life reduced to dumb heteronormative gossip," the Bleachers singer wrote on Twitter.

The New York based singer, songwriter and producer worked with the New Zealand pop star on her 2017 Grammy nominated album, Melodrama, on which they wrote ten songs together.

Lorde has since retweeted Antonoff's full dismissal of the rumours.

The rare moment of public dialogue on his private life follows last week's split with Girls creator Dunham. Described as "mutual", the couple had been dating since 2012: recently celebrating their five-and-a-half-year anniversary.

Having worked with such powerhouse music makers as Taylor Swift, Banks, St. VIncent and Sia, it didn't take long for rumours of a new love interest for Antonoff to bubble to the surface.

The Cutreported the rumour mill had gone into overdrive, with US Weeklyspeculating that Antonoff was seeing someone else.

But in his tweet, the relationship - or, indeed, any other - has been shut down by Antonoff.

"I'm not seeing anyone," he wrote. "Lol."

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