Letter to the editor - Rural Fire Service: truly local heroes

Facing a massive red and black smoke plume billowing from a nearby hill is very scary.

Soon after we saw it on Friday afternoon, our Charleyong Brigade information officer phoned to let us know a fire had started and the Rural Fire Service (RFS) was already attending.

She kept us calm and encouraged us to put our emergency plan into action.

Soon helicopters and planes were doing their job and more and more fire trucks streamed up our local road.

The fire was described as 'lively' and difficult to contain.

Twenty-four hours later, the RFS and planes are still on the job.

To all those who give their time, their experience gained from hours of voluntary training, and disrupt their own (and their families lives) to protect us, we offer heartfelt thanks.

Truly local heroes.

Virginia & Barry Hooker, Durran Durra

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