Hunter Local Land Services biosecurity team helping Upper Hunter landholders control pests in dry times

HUNTER Local Land Services biosecurity team is currently working around the clock to assist landholders to control pest species on their property. 

While the staff recognises feeding and watering livestock is the critical priority across the region this summer, the ongoing dry conditions also pose an optimal time for controlling pest species. 

Biosecurity team leader Luke Booth said pigs and wild dogs, especially, are moving further afield to find food and water supplies. 

“The only upside to drought conditions like we are seeing in parts of the Hunter Valley is the increased effectiveness of pest animal control programs,” he said.

“As water runs out in the rougher timbered country, pest animals are moving out into more open country. 

“This means landholders can conduct baiting programs in smaller areas, but still have a lot of success, because many pests are particularly susceptible under these conditions.”

Landholders considering joining a control program are being urged to contact Hunter Local Land Services biosecurity team. 

“Our biosecurity officers can discuss tailored support for your property,” Mr Booth said.

“We are rolling out programs across the Upper Hunter continuously at the moment, to meet the increased demand for pest control assistance.

“With limited feed and water supplies available we want to help landholders make sure their stock is not competing with, or being impacted by pest species, such as feral pigs, wild dogs and foxes.” 

Landholders are also being urged to report sightings to their local biosecurity officer, or via the FeralScan App or website on 

FeralScan is a citizen surveillance program that helps map pest species activity and is a free resource for the community.

In the Upper Hunter, contact Richard Ali on 0429 722 944 or Jonathon Randle on 0429 342 995.

This story Meeting the increased demand first appeared on Hunter Valley News.