Bikes stolen from Men's Shed

Goulburn Men’s Shed secretary Ian Marsh inspecting some of the many bikes that they repair at their premises.
Goulburn Men’s Shed secretary Ian Marsh inspecting some of the many bikes that they repair at their premises.

The blokes from the Goulburn Men’s Shed are becomingly increasing frustrated with thieves who have been breaking in and stealing their bicycles.

Men’s Shed secretary Ian Marsh said there has been a spate of bike thefts from their premises over the past six months. 

He said at least a dozen bicycles have been stolen from the property recently. 

They have been getting over the fence and passing them back over and in one instance, they cut through the fence and got under it, before removing the bicycles. 

“The Men’s Shed are concerned with the stealing of bicycles from the premises,” Mr Marsh said. 

“This year has been particularly bad. We have had just about had enough of it.

“What is of great concern is that the community supports us by donating the bikes to us so we can repair them – so the thieves are not only stealing from the Men’s Shed, they are also stealing from the community.”

Mr Marsh said they try and donate as many of the bikes back into the community that they can.

“We give them to local charities and donate them to schools. We also give them to unemployed, who are in need of transport,” he said.

“We say to whoever is stealing the bikes – if you are that desperate, come in and we will give you a bike – that would be better than breaking the fences. 

“It costs us more to fix the fences than to replace the actual bikes.

“We don’t want the fences vandalised, or these people possibly injuring themselves. 

“We will gladly come to an arrangement if they are in desperate need of a bike.”

He said their during business hours were Monday to Friday from 9-2pm. 

The Men’s Shed has some great facilities, including metalwork and woodwork workshops, access to computers, an extensive garden and model trains. 

They are self-reliant. They do not receive ongoing government funding, so they raise money through selling and repairing bikes and furniture as well are running Bunning’s Barbecues and carrying out other fundraisers. 

They have 65 paid members but are always on the lookout for other men to join.

“If blokes want to join they can just come down and check us out - any age, but especially blokes who are about to retire and who may have a trade behind them,” Mr Marsh said. 

“We are particularly interested in anyone who can repair small engines like lawn mowers.”