Day Out Society: Trip to Old Government House at Parramatta.

The first excursion for the Goulburn Workers Club Day Out Society in 2018 was on Sunday, February 4.

After a beautiful home-cooked morning tea at Pheasants Nest, 25 members descended on Old Government House at Parramatta Park. 

Listed as the oldest surviving World Heritage (Australian) building, the Society was given a big welcome and then taken on a tour of this old building of bygone years.

The central block was built in 1799 by Governor John Hunter over the original lathe and plaster cottage built by Governor Arthur Phillip in 1790.

The last Governor to occupy the house was Governor Fitzroy (1847-1855) with a total of 10 Governors during this time, including Macquarie and Lachlan.

The front columns of this historic building show the typical architecture of Francis Greenway, who we learned was also a convict.

Many of the features of this lovely old building were the work of convicts including handmade bricks, still to be seen, hand-sewn curtains, exquisite needlework cushions and knitted bedspreads.

The early colonial furniture showed the Regency style of the times.

Many buildings of the Regency style have a white painted stucco facade and an entryway to the main front door (usually coloured black) which is framed by two columns.

The interior design and decorative arts of the period was typified by elegant furniture and vertically striped wallpaper.

Down through the years the building has had some extensive restoration work including 1909 when The Kings School used it as a boarding school from 1910-1967.

Previously St John’s School had leased it in 1900 for some years.

After further restoration from 1967 to 1970 the building was handed over to the National Trust of Australia and was Opened by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II in April 1970.

We saw a large ornate key, which is still in use, first used by the Queen to open the door, officially opening the Museum.

With lunchtime looming we travelled on to Dundas Vikings Club to enjoy a lovely three-course lunch.

Following the meal, we continued wending our way home, stopping for a short break for a comfort stop and drawing the popular raffle.

We arrived back in Goulburn at approximately 5.30pm with our very happy members enthusiastically praising such a great trip which enabled the opportunity to learn about the history of The Old Colonial Days.

  • To enquire about the Day Out Society, contact the Goulburn Workers Club, 1 McKell Place: 4821 3355