PMG employees reunite and reminisce

On Wednesday morning, a reunion was held for former PMG-Telstra employees. Over 110 people gathered at the Goulburn Soldiers Club from all over Australia to see old friends and share work stories. 

Event organisers Ross Kirkby and Bob Speer were both thrilled with the attendance and happy to see many of their old friends and colleagues sharing memories. 

“Fabulous,” Mr Speer said. “It’s been a great turnout, we tore up 110 nametags and they’re all gone.” 

The actual number of attendees, Mr Speer said, was probably “closer to 120”, and that many of them had approached him to give their thanks for organising the reunion. 

Guests came from regions as far as Brisbane, Dubbo, Bendigo, and Albury to take part in the celebrations, and many enjoyed the opportunity to reminisce. 

“It’s bloody fabulous,” Mr Speer said.

“The technology that we worked with is nothing like the technology today. Most of it has been disbanded years and years and years ago.”

“Going back to when I started, it was still manual plugging cords,” Mr Kirby added. 

A popular topic of discussion for many of the former workers was the disparity between old communication technology and current technology, which caused a major overhaul in the way the industry was run and led to the rise of companies like Telstra. 

Mr Speer and Mr Kirby said that they had been planning the event since last November. 

“We had a short reunion at Bowral for all of us that worked at Bowral over the years,” Mr Kirby said. 

“Bob a reunion in his mind then and had cards all ready to go.”