Local Leaders | Headspace: What to do when you're worried about a young person

There are signs that may suggest things are not quite right with your young person and that you might need to talk to someone about what’s going on. These include: 

Gail Davies

Gail Davies

  • not enjoying or not wanting to be involved in things they would normally enjoy
  • unusual sleeping or eating habits
  • having lots of negative thoughts
  • crying for no apparent reason
  • feeling sad for down for long periods of time
  • being involved in risky behaviour they normally avoid
  • feeling tense, restless, stressed or worried

It can be a difficult time for everyone if your young person is experiencing any of these issues. It can be really helpful to understand what to look out for in your young person, and how you can support them. 

Tips to help you support your young person:

  • Recognise their distress or concerning behaviour
  • Ask them about it
  • Acknowledge their feelings
  • Get appropriate support
  • Check in a short time afterwards

You are not alone in coping. If you need info, please contact us, or the other support services listed.

If you believe that a young person is at risk of harm, you should seek professional support from your GP, mental health service or emergency department and the young person safe until help arrives.

  • Mental Health Helpline: 1800 011 511
  • Parentline: 1300 30 1300 8am – 7pm 7 days (support and guidance for parents and carers)
  • Kids Help Line 1800 55 1800 (ages 5-25) open 24/7
  • eheadpsace 1800 650 890 (ages 12-25) from 9am -1am, 7 days
  • headspace Goulburn 02 4824 4944 (ages 12 – 25) M-F 9am to 5pm