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Matt Wheeldon, along with wife and co-owner Elizabeth, are celebrating Headlines Hair and Beauty's 40th anniversary. Matt started his career there over 30 years ago.

Matt Wheeldon, along with wife and co-owner Elizabeth, are celebrating Headlines Hair and Beauty's 40th anniversary. Matt started his career there over 30 years ago.

Growing up and thinking of your journey into the workforce can be a very uncomfortable thought for many. For me that wasn't the case. From the age of 14 I was focused on being a hairdresser, right or wrong.

My late beautiful Mother was very supportive and offered the push I needed to get through the social hurdles of stigma at the time.


Upon getting my apprenticeship in 1987 at Headlines Hair and Beauty I soon learned that the skills needed to progress in a female-dominated industry came a little harder than I expected.

I remember in one of my first training sessions being asked to do a braid. To young girls that was the equivalent of tying up their shoelaces. For me, I would have had more success using my toes. 

Hard work was needed and lots of practice. Taking doll heads home soon became the norm.

It wasn't long before I was looking after my own clients, while training and extra education was a weekly ritual.

The late Suzie Owens was the salon’s head trainer. Suzie motivated many young stylists to compete in International Hairdressing Society competitions. This was a big confidence boost for us.

As my confidence grew, so did my clientele and responsibilities within the salon. Managing and training of younger team members became a very strong part of my position and one that I totally loved.


In 1992 I bought into a 50 percent share of the salon with Lee Forbutt. This was meant to be a two year arrangement because Lee and her husband Allen wanted to move to Queensland in the mid ’90s. We laugh about that now. 

Twelve years later, and after the arrival of their two amazing children, Lee finally sold her share to my beautiful wife Elizabeth to make that big move north.


With fresh ideas, Elizabeth and I found excitement in expanding our salon, taking on new industry-leading products and services, and bringing them to our clients who live as as far away as Sydney, Cowra and along the South Coast.

Still today, we’re excited by new technology and bringing it to our clients.

We have a senior beauty therapist on full time who is trained in advanced skin care.

We’re able to provide IPL, tattoo removal, and hair removal on lighter coloured hair with one of the latest machines available in Australia.

We also offer body massage, advanced facials, spray tanning, ear and nose piercing and all other aspects of the beauty industry.


We have taken a strong stance against industry waste as Goulburn’s first fully-sustainable salon, recycling 95 percent of our salon waste.

Last year we joined in with Sustainable Salons Australia to help in the process of collection and distribution throughout the state where hair, metal, plastic, paper and chemicals are gathered and treated. 


I always found it my due to employ an apprentice every 18 months to keep our salon and industry growing.

Seeing an apprentice complete their trade and seeing them grow their clientele was one of my personal goals.

Getting them to reach a professional level then seeing them pass it onto their junior is awesome to watch.


On July 21, 2014 our adorable twins Eli and Lucas were born. I was so fortunate to spend the first six months with our little men and their beautiful mum. It was a time I will never forget.


I want to thank everyone who has supported me over the past 30 years; my family, friends, loyal clients, and the amazing companies. 

I want to especially thank my Elizabeth. Wow. 27 years together. Without you our business wouldn't run. I’m so very grateful for all you do.

For those who are wondering when I work these days, it’s Tuesday to Saturday from 7am to 3pm, with flexible hours on request.