Snow comes early to Fullerton

It started with just a light dusting late Thursday night and became heavier as the early morning dawned.

At Fullerton, 35km northwest of Crookwell, Cate Stanton woke to a white blanket of snow on her property where she runs the Naringi Square Meaters Stud.

It had been 18 years since she’d seen a snow dump of that magnitude in the district so early in the season. The area also experienced heavy snow in 2015 in winter.

Mrs Stanton said the drop was a welcome one for the area.

“We planted eight acres of oats last Wednesday so it couldn’t have come at a better time,” she told The Post.  

The property registered 13mm of moisture which Mrs Stanton said was very much needed given the dry conditions. 

The family runs beef cattle on the 150-acre holding. Over the past two months the family has been hand-feeding stock on and off. Now they’re down to hand feeding every second day. This year the property has registered just 40mm of rain.

“The consolation is that everybody is in the same boat,” Mrs Stanton said.

“(But) I think because the season has been so peculiar and we’ve had an Indian summer, the ground is still warm and we may get still get some growth. The clover is still sitting there and we can see it sparking up.”

Crookwell and Taralga also reported light dustings of snow but it was washing away with the rain, residents said.

At Grabben Gullen, pub owner said the snow started early in the morning, stopped briefly at 7am and was followed by light flakes which the rain dissipated.

But what was the temperature like?

“Bloody cold!” he said.

It was two degrees outside at lunchtime Friday and nine degrees inside where he had the fireplace roaring.

The cold snap swept across southeastern Australia, bringing snow to Oberon, the Central West and parts of the Blue Mountains.

Goulburn is in for slightly warmer conditions on Saturday with a top of 12 degrees forecast.