Local Leaders | Goulburn Multicultural Centre: Stories of elders are worth a listen

Goulburn Multicultural Centre was pleased to be able to participate in Goulburn’s recent Senior’s Week celebration and to share stories among seniors.

Heni Hardi

Heni Hardi

Attitudes towards older people differ significantly around the world.

Positive stereotypes around respect, wisdom and duty exist in some countries, while others see ageing as of little benefit to society.

Research shows that most people over the age of 65 years do not feel the term ‘old age’ applies to them. 

Seniors Week is an opportunity for people of all ages to join together to celebrate the valuable contributions of older people.

It aims to improve community attitudes towards older people and ageing, encourage community participation by older people and enhance community connections and inter-generational relationships.

Goulburn Multicultural Centre works closely with families from many cultural backgrounds of any age and is intrigued by people’s stories of growing up in different worlds. Some lived in villages where people looked after one another while others grew up in war zones full of mistrust. Many are keen to share their stories and others are not ready to.

For some, the stories are all that they have left. 

For seniors, a sense of identify can come from their many stories and a large part of traditional family support is listening to people’s stories.

Whether young or old, city or rural, no matter from what country or culture, everyone has a story and it's worth listening to.