Letter to the editor: Small business? Understand the definition

So we see from Ursula Stephens’ Wikipedia page that she has small business experience.

But firstly you need to understand the Union/ALP definition of small business. That’s where you think up some nice cuddly or green activity, get a government grant and use taxpayers’ money to fund it, and you employ some people including yourself (preferably in charge). That’s their idea of a small business.

Nothing at risk. No skin in the game. Other people’s money.

So Ursula’s ‘small business’ experience consists of exactly that with the Tallong Wilderness Group and the other one was Argyle Training. Please note these ‘operations’ are now defunct, busted, gone. And who funded those. Well, we did. The taxpayers of NSW. And any employees were paid by government money!

And now Ursula is into another ‘small business’ (ALP definition) in partnership with the Goulburn Mulwaree Council whereby she gets a rent free and then concessional rent property from the Goulburn ratepayers, assistance from a local trust and a nod from the Goulburn Chamber of Commerce and has started Workspace2580.

Now I think it’s a good idea for local charities and community groups to use as they often struggle for somewhere to do their business. But that facility should not be available for small business operators or government bodies to take advantage of subsidised or reduced rents to compete against the local businesses in Goulburn who are ‘out there’ owning or renting space in the CBD or around town.

The Business Enterprise Centre is a government body available to assist small business so please don’t reinvent the wheel at ratepayers’ expense. And as a candidate for public office should she be involved in a publicly funded entity. Just asking.

Grant Pearce, Goulburn Liberals

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