Mulwaree High School Chemistry Wetlands Excursion

Water is a huge issue for Goulburn, in particular the lack of water and also the quality of it. 

The city went through a devastating drought about 10 years ago – when total water supplies got down to 12 per cent. 

Since then, Goulburn citizens are very conscious about their water usage and such awareness is a great thing to instill in young people. 

Recently, a group of Year 12 chemistry students and their teachers from Mulwaree, Crookwell, Yass and Young High Schools participated in a project to investigate the water quality at a selection of dams and a groundwater aquifer found at the Mulwaree High School site. 

Head Science Teacher Dr Jannine Devery said the students sampled water from the aquifer, as well as tested the amounts of contaminants or ions in the water in the school laboratories. 

The day was supported by school principal Judith Stuart and Goulburn Mulwaree Council staff, who provided expertise on purification procedures of Goulburn water.