Warmer indoors with bargains to be scored

Goulburn's indoor St Saviour’s Hall markets went ahead as usual, taking advantage of their cosy location to attract lots of visitors despite the cold and damp outdoor conditions on Saturday.

With the cancellation of the Lilac Festival Markets normally held outdoors and under the COLA at Goulburn Public School, trade was a little more brisk at St Saviour’s Hall.

This market is made up of all local traders selling crafts, plants, slices, cakes and all sorts of mouth watering treats. It is where on a cold day you can pick up a hand knitted beanie or scarf, warm clothes for a baby, find a pre-loved book to read or a classic vinyl or CD to listen to, or even a video to watch. If you are interested in trinkets, antique collectables or other knickknacks there is plenty to rummage through.

There is even an agent for one of Australia’s oldest home remedy and ointment suppliers, Rawleighs Products, that for many years last century were sold door to door and families swore by them. Today the range has expanded and modernised, but their Salve and Medicated Ointment are still packaged the same and retain the original look from the home delivery days.

Daphne Watterson, sitting in a corner of the hall, happily plays her keyboard, providing soothing background music for shoppers and traders as they chat.