Taralga news | Wednesday, July 11, 2018

A constructive meeting was held at the Club last Thursday when residents had their say on the streetscape and gave their ideas on improvements.

Upper Lachlan Shire Deputy Mayor, John Stafford, warned the crowd that nothing would happen overnight. There were limits to the budget. It would also be necessary to retain the village’s historic aspect. 

Both sides of the hall agreed independently that drivers found the signs designating parallel or angle parking were too frequently changed along the main street and it would be more effective if the eastern side of Orchard Street was all angle parking and the western side all parallel parking.

Several options for pedestrian crossings were thrown in. After lengthy discussion it was suggested that a crossing be from the corner of Bunnaby Street over Orchard Street to the former garage. This would allow Sunset Lodge residents access to the Post Office. Attendants also suggested another crossing across Orchard Street to the Memorial Hall which would enable access to toilets and events at the Hall. There is already a crossing on the northern end of the village, enabling schoolchildren to cross.

Concern was expressed that the “calmers” did not slow the traffic. Speeding vehicles are a continuing annoyance and a danger to local pedestrians. A solution put forward by Chris and Jennie Curtis was to have curved access into Orchard Street from several points. Jennie thanked those who had attended the meeting.

Co-operative meeting 

 A grant from Taralga Wind Farm is enabling work to go ahead on the amenities block upgrade.

Co-operative president, Bruce Hand, said the grant was expected to complete the work before the first Team Sorting event in spring. The Vintage Machinery Rally in November will be run under a new agreement. Co-operative Committee members were sad to hear that vandals left the secretary’s office a sea of tickets and even damaged pavilion walls. It was very disappointing that some people had little regard for the work of volunteers.

Meetups gain popularity

Sharon Braid and Natalie Cosgrove have been busy checking what everyone is looking for in their MeetUp program.

The monthly newsletter details ways you can boost your mental health and wellbeing. You are advised to keep moving; exercise is essential for both body and mind. Senior Centres offer a variety of classes from crafts and hobbies to computer classes – to keep the mind interested and active. 

Stay involved  in family gatherings; call on friends; turn to technology to stay in touch; go back to school; get a pet; play games to keep your brain healthy and stimulated; make a deeper spiritual connection; make a difference – pitch in locally – volunteering comes in all shapes and sizes.

MeetUps are held in Taralga each Thursday in the Jameson Hall from 10am until 2pm. But when the Garden Club is held on the second Thursday of the month, MeetUp is held on the Friday.

A high tea

Members who worked for the recent successful Art Show wound up the event with a high tea at the Tangled Vine last Friday. The informal social was a relaxed gathering who enjoyed the delicious finger food and the happy company.