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Apparently there’s “a lot of angst” felt by developers of the Mary’s Mount subdivision who feel thwarted by environmental protection laws.

I agree with Mr Kelly that offsets and credits don’t compensate for the destruction of heritage grass and box gum woodland locally. Here is a real opportunity to soften urban sprawl by embracing biodiversity in new developments. A better plan rather than offsets is called for.

Mhairi Fraser, president

Mhairi Fraser, president

Angst is also felt by many in our community and across the globe. Scientists and conservationists were the first to feel it as they watched the relentless destruction of the natural world despite the warnings. Now it is spreading to farmers, gardeners, bushwalkers and young people. This “ecological grief” is a response to the loss of species and collapse of ecosystems through our failure to protect the environment.

Images of a bewildered koala at the foot of a bull dozer and statistics of bird loss by domestic cats heralds a deep sadness for many. Our children know that a future without birdsong is not ok. There is no antidote to ecological grief in troubled times but there are things we can all do to protect what is left for the future. It involves a mindset shift. The Goulburn Group supports the idea that our city and villages can play host to nature and regional prosperity.  Developers don’t have to pit homes against habitat and we can dedicate parks, backyards, balconies, streetscapes and verges as urban  wildlife corridors.

  • For ideas on habitat friendly back yards contact the TGG Backyard Biodiversity Interest Group via the website at goulburngroup.com.au