Bill invited to Canada's Emma Collaboration

SCULPTOR: Bill Dorman at home in the jewellery making section of his workshop adding finishing touches to a piece he has been working on. Photo: Darryl Fernance
SCULPTOR: Bill Dorman at home in the jewellery making section of his workshop adding finishing touches to a piece he has been working on. Photo: Darryl Fernance

Goulburn industrial arts teacher and practising sculptor / jewellery maker Bill Dorman is heading to Canada this week for a two week invitational practicing artist collaboration in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Every two years, one hundred artists from across the globe come together in the boreal forest of Saskatchewan to share in an experience of raw creation and open possibility. Artists at various stages of their careers are challenged to step outside their usual art practice, to explore medium, technique and subject matter through hands on collaboration and exciting creative exchange.

This year will be the second time Mr Dorman has been invited to the Emma Collaboration and it comers just after his retirement from teaching at Mulwaree High School becomes official.

 The event at Ness Creek festival site, Big River, Saskatchewan starts on July 25 and concludes August 2, with the sale by auction of the works created by the participants. 

He will be travelling fairly light, taking with him about five kilograms of personal hand tools. the rest of the equipment he will use is whatever happens to be on site.

“With these collaborations one artist, sculptor, potter or other practitioner will start a piece then pass it on to someone else who will add their bit to the piece and then someone else may take it and do something else to it,” he said. “ The finished product may end up nothing like what you conceived when you started working.

 “The finished works are sold at the end of the collaboration to help fund the next one. The participants are not paid for the works.

“ The experience of these collaborations is invaluable, sharing knowledge, learning new techniques and broadening one’s artistic horizons. It is an opportunity to meet and share with like minded people from all over the world, it is intense with everyone wanting to get the most out of their time together as each other without  any big egos involved.

 “This will be Jo’s first trip and an opportunity for her to experience the collaboration too.”

The Dormans will be visiting and sharing knowledge with creative people in Saskatoon before and after the collaboration.

“It certainly won’t be a typical tourist sight seeing trip but a learning and sharing immersive inspiring experience,” Mr Dorman said.

Next March Bill has been invited back to the New Zealand collaboration and he hopes to bring some of knowledge gained from the Canadian trip to it. This will be his fourth collaboration in New Zealand and he has also participated in four similar events in Australia.

The live and silent art auctions that take place at the end of the Emma International Collaboration 2018 are fun, free, and open to the public. See what artistic magic occurred at the week-long collaboration! Bid on sculptures, paintings, furnishings, jewelry, and wearable art created by international and national artists. Proceeds help fund the next Emma International Collaboration in 2020. For more information about the Emma Collaboration and to see what Bill and the other participants get up to as well as see the auctions visit: