Goulburn Business Excellence Awards: Solar specialists strive to educate

SOLAR: Mitch Daly looks over the Ground Mount system being installed in the Highlands.
SOLAR: Mitch Daly looks over the Ground Mount system being installed in the Highlands.

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Goulburn Post spoke with founding director Phil Joyce about the business.

Nominated for: Excellence in Innovation, Excellence in Sustainability

GP: How long has your business been operating?

PJ: I established GSB in 2010 and incorporated in 2012. Goulburn Solar was set up in July 2017 to provide a local presence for our main company as we had been operating primarily in the commercial sector. 

GP: What is the purpose of your business?

PJ: While Global Solar Brokers project manages and installs commercial projects through bringing together all of the expertise required for such jobs, e.g. engineers, solar designers, environmental engineers, EPC companies, financiers, manufacturers and suppliers, Goulburn Solar has a local and regional focus in both the residential and small commercial market up to 100kWs.

One Goulburn Solar’s main purposes is to educate our community on what they should expect when investing in solar. We hold community information sessions every couple of months whereby we try to present information on where the industry is going as well as what to ask when approached by telemarketers or door knockers.

Goulburn Solar has two primary purposes. One: to help reduce the cost to households and businesses of their electricity costs, which we have proven over and over again does happen with solar and two: to educate our community on the benefits of solar and battery solutions that will allow for well informed decision to be made, no matter who wins the job.

GP: What does this nomination mean to you and your business?

PJ: We were stoked when we heard we had been nominated. We try hard to provide professional, honest and reliable service, so getting the nomination tells us we are doing things right. We aim to better what we are doing as we grow the local brand.

GP: How many staff members do you have and what do they do?

PJ: Goulburn Solar currently has five employees, but will soon be expanding to seven. Managing director Stuart Joyce leads the business and is the Clean Energy Council accredited solar installer and designer. He with his installation team, Dan Killeen and Mitch Daly, are the ones who install the systems. Stuart also monitors all of our systems remotely to see how they are performing.

Gab Witenden is our community relations manager and provides an exceptionally friendly service when contacting customers for site visits and follow-ups, along with other administration functions. I do the initial site visit to talk with our customers about what their expectations are, review their electricity usage and discuss preliminary location ideas for the solar system, along with doing a lot of the paperwork associated with getting approvals to install the systems.

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GP: What is the secret to your success?

PJ: Being honest in everything we do, from explaining all aspects of solar with our customers, to how we run the business. It has hurt us in the past, and we have been taken advantage of, but we rest easy.

We also believe in only providing the highest quality equipment along with taking time with our installations. We will also never quote on a job unless we have undertaken a site visit first.

GP: What is something not many people would know about your business?

PJ: In order to be a solar installer, you firstly must be a licensed electrician after which a range of other courses must be done to become accredited. So we are electrical contractors who can do normal electrical work, although that is not our primary focus. 

We have opened an office in The Collective CoWorkspace behind the BDCU Alliance Bank and The Harvest Cafe in Auburn Street. More and more people are dropping in, but we are not always there as we are often out doing quotes, but having said that the office is open from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday. So if we are not there, people can either take a business card or leave their name with the BDCU staff and we will follow it up.

Having been in solar since 2010, with a lot of experience behind us we do know the industry well and although we trade as Goulburn Solar, we operate all over the Southern Highlands and Southern Tables, and even down the coast. In fact our Global SolarBrokers network takes us all over the eastern states and in some cases even overseas.

Contact GSB via:

  • Phone: 1300 919 313
  • Email: info@globalsolarbrokers.com

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