Local Leaders | The Goulburn Group: Let The Muppets be your guide

The Prime Minister’s recent reference to the party room as “a muppet show” insults The Muppets.

Unlike the LNP, The Muppets are truly a broad church with no need for backstabbing and plotting – the same team has been together for decades! Kermit, Elmo, Ernie and Big Bird keep the excesses of Ms Piggy, Cookie Monster and The Grouch in check while the Hecklers add a view from the balcony.

The Muppets delight rather than embarrass. They inspire values we want for our kids – fairness, courage, respect, questioning and thinking for yourself. A far cry from the government’s faceless men, assassins and bullies with scores to settle.

Which brings us to energy and climate policy. We have neither. Ever since Tony Abbott announced that “climate change is crap”, the LNP has scuttled efforts to climate-proof Australia. Now referred to as the “Trump down under”, the new, old team led by Scott Morrison has separated energy and emissions, making a sensible road map to the future impossible. 

Out from the back room, new Energy Minister, Angus Taylor, wasted no time attacking renewables as the cause of high electricity prices, a dubious view given the wholesale price of wind and solar is now cheaper than coal and gas.

While Kermit admits, “It’s not easy being green”, the Energy Minister won’t be trying. More important is a quick thumbs up to fossil fuel donors before the next election. So it’s over to ordinary voters to say “no more” and reset the course. Let the values of the true Muppets be our guide.

Mhairi Fraser, president

Mhairi Fraser, president