Grow the pasture, not the weeds

Aerial land management: Helicopters are used for killing weeds as well as distributing ferterliser and seed to hills and other hard-to-reach places. Photo: Supplied.

Aerial land management: Helicopters are used for killing weeds as well as distributing ferterliser and seed to hills and other hard-to-reach places. Photo: Supplied.

As the team at Rotor Solutions points out, experience matters in the agricultural aviation game.

"The precision and skill required isn't generated overnight, but you can always be assured using Rotor Solutions you are in safe, expert hands," their team says.

Rotor Solutions has been operating for over a decade throughout south east NSW, the Upper Murray and the Gippsland regions of Victoria, and their team of professionals are driven to provide perfect results and excellent customer service every time.

"As always, spring is a great time to get on top of your pasture and [make] a plan for the coming season," the team notes.

"The combination of good rain falls and milder winter conditions is allowing for perfect growth environments," they said.

However, making sure that the pasture is what grows and not the weeds is what matters right now.

"After a lack of rain over a number of years, its often found that once the rains come, the first thing to grow is weeds," they stated.

To that end, aerial land management has its advantages "What the aircraft can do in minutes, can take a ground rig hours," and so "This past season has seen more and more farmers jump on helicopter fertiliser and seeding application.

"As always, helicopters are being utilised for those hills and hard-to-reach places farmers thought once inaccessible by ground or aeroplane."

The team says it's not too late to get organised for fertiliser application, with many farmers booked in for spring and making the most of the wet conditions, helping to set themselves up for the summer.

"Planning is the key for turning old, weed-filled paddocks into something worth farming and this planning includes the full package Rotor Solutions can offer," says owner Hugh Acton-Adams.

This includes aerial spraying, aerial seeding and aerial fertiliser. "Time is an important factor when it comes to saving costs and not only is application quick, but Rotor Solutions aim for the turnaround of product delivered to product applied to be as fast as possible.

"Comparative to any other method of application, the helicopter offers the most uniform, even and accurate coverage available.

"Application from the helicopter ensures no product waste and the seed and fertiliser going precisely where is it intended to go."

Rotor Solutions will be in your local area spraying thistles, broadleaf weeds, tussock and lovegrass, and spreading seed and fertiliser throughout the coming weeks into spring.


Mid-August, Rotor Solutions owner and chief pilot Hugh Acton-Adams joined a panel of specialists speaking on managing hill country and the application of seed and fertiliser from the air.

Called Aerial Hill Management, this was a free webinar whose description said it would "provide information on the aerial management of steep hills and slopes. Join our panel of aerial land management specialists to discuss aerial agriculture, including how to rehabilitate, manage and improve productivity on steep hill country."

Put together by Agriculture Victoria with burnt farm land management in mind, the webinar is a useful tool for those wanting to find out more about aerial land management and its benefits.

You can contact Rotor Solutions today if you would like more information about the Aerial Hill Management webinar. They can have a copy emailed to you.

You can also get in touch with their team to have a chat about any of their services.