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Goulburn and surrounds. "I could not be prouder to be the regional manager and watch the services grow... with a great team," Pamela (centre) said. Photo: Supplied

With capacity for new clients, as well as some local job opportunities for the right candidates, "Greenleaf Disability Service was established in Canberra in 2016 and has grown to become one of the most respected and trusted NDIS service providers," said regional manager for Goulburn, Pamela Britton.

"With demand for disability services and supported living accommodation on the rise, one of Australia's leading disability providers expanded into New South Wales and Queensland to support the disability community 12 months ago."

It was December 2020 when Greenleaf Disability Service officially launched its services to Goulburn and surrounding areas.

"I could not be prouder to be the regional manager and watch the services grow so fast and strong with a great team," Pamela said.

"Greenleaf Disability Service Goulburn provides a range of services to our community such as supported independent living (SIL), short-term accommodation (STA), support coordination, social and community support, in-home support, plan management and case management."

There are multiple SIL sites dotted around Goulburn that are also currently available to applicants requiring high levels of assisted living. Each one is rented through a local real estate agent, and appropriate even if mobility is an issue, but their locations have them neatly blended in with the rest of the local community.

Greenleaf also has two STA sites with respite or short-term accommodation available. Visitors can stay in respite care for up to two weeks if necessary, while short-term accommodation can go for longer as needed.

The in-home support that Greenleaf provides is just that. It allows a person to live independently in their own home, but still get the support that they need for their shopping, attending appointments with a transport service, personal care if required, and just general household duties if needed.

The other thing Greenleaf does is help people get the most out of their NDIS funding. Support coordination ensures you're getting the services you require, plan management takes care of the admin, and case management helps you apply to get on the scheme itself or to seek more funding if you require more support.

For those looking to make use of their qualification in disability support or community support, and have basics like a driver's licence and would breeze through the police and working with children checks, there are four local positions available.

So whether you need Greenleaf's services or want to be part of the team providing those services, visit their office at 91 Bourke Street or call 1800 800 777.

"The Greenleaf team brings significant experience and expertise as well as an innate understanding of the disability community and the services. Our key focus is to ensure and continue to provide the best quality of support, and to offer employment to locals to help our very own town and surrounding areas grow."

Home Caring has arrived in GoulburnAdvertising Feature

Home Caring Goulburn is a new service to the area having started in August 2021, but they bring with them lots of experience and the backing of a national network.

Established in 2015 Home Caring is an Australia-wide service provider for people living with a disability and for seniors. They are an entirely mobile service provider allowing people to live independently in their own homes.

They provide personal care or nursing services as required, domestic assistance with regular household duties as may be needed, and various transport needs from going to appointments or the shops through to community engagement opportunities to help with keeping them connected socially.

Now available: Registered nurse Vicki Turner leads the Home Caring team for Goulburn and surrounds. Photo: Supplied

They can also provide other services such as in-home respite care, medication management, and much more.

Goulburn's team is headed by Vicki Turner, a registered nurse who has spent over 20 years of her career in a mix of residential aged care, hospitals, oncology departments and other community settings.

There is also another registered nurse on the team plus six more support workers with the qualification of Certificate III in Individual Support (aged and/or disability) or higher.

Vicki says one of the most important things Home Caring does is match the client with the right support worker for their particular needs, because every individual has a unique set of requirements. They also listen to client feedback and make adjustments as necessary.

The goal, after all, is "to assist anybody to get the best life they can," Vicki said.

The first step is a simple meet-and greet to ensure that Home Caring has the right person, or people, available to provide for your specific needs.

Additionally, the team are well aware how daunting the NDIS application process can be, and don't mind helping people through it to get the most appropriate level of funding, or to even apply for more funding if the need is clearly there.

The team goes the extra mile in other ways too, sometimes literally, to look out for their clients' wellbeing.

To find out more call 0457 585 268 or visit homecaring.com.au/goulburn.

Showcasing their talentsAdvertising Feature

Project: Led by local artist Barbara Nell (right), the art and garden project by Right to Work at Workspace Goulburn was unveiled on November 24 with mayor Bob Kirk (third from right). Photo: Southern Tablelands Arts

Right to Work was established in Goulburn in January 2021 to help local NDIS participants meet their goals of finding meaningful employment.

They achieve this through a range of programs which help participants learn new skills and improve their employability.

These programs are also designed specifically to suit participants living with an intellectual disability or autism.

They learn various skills that allow them to complete useful tasks and cooperate with others to work as part of a team. This includes communication, self-management, problem solving and showing initiative.

One of these programs involves community-based projects where participants can not only work on their skills but also showcase those skills to the public.

One such recent project was when Goulburn Mulwaree Council asked them, with input from Southern Tablelands Arts and leadership from Barbara Nell Art Agent, to beautify the gardens and entrance to Workspace on Clinton Street.

Workspace is a local facility for businesses with office spaces available for long-term hire and hotdesks available for hourly or daily hire, with internet and printing facilities available.

"This project helped enhance the wellbeing and inclusion of a group of young adults with intellectual disability through creative expression, skill development and contribution to community," said a spokesperson from Southern Tablelands Arts.

Barbara Nell led the participants through a series of two hour workshops, starting with four to develop the design concept through discussion, drawing and painting.

The next four workshops were to create the design, preparation and planting of the garden beds in both the indoor and outdoor areas.

The final two workshops involved the actual application of the painted design onto two large canvas banners.

Upon completion, the results were unveiled with an official launch on Wednesday November 24 with mayor Bob Kirk in attendance.

Right To Work's other programs include supported work placement with 20 local organisations on board, and council is among them. Another program teaches the skills needed to run a microbusiness, one that matches a person's skills and interests with a niche local demand.

Program manager Clare Jones says that they teach through hands-on learning in all of the programs and they've been getting quite a lot of positive feedback from not just the participants but their families and employers as well.

The ultimate goal for participants is "to build their independence and to experience the wellbeing and sense of achievement that comes with being meaningfully employed," Clare said.

Programs and respite careAdvertising Feature

Interchange Australia's short-term accommodation and Day Options Centre is at 7 Lagoon Street. For a tour, call or visit them in the office at 62-64 Goldsmith Street.

Interchange Australia has been providing disability and aged care services since 1986. They now stretch across south-west Sydney to southern NSW, and have had a branch here in Goulburn since 2014.

Their services are always increasing too.

At the end of November 2020 Interchange opened a new Day Options Centre at Lagoon Street, Goulburn, and about two months ago they began offering short term accommodation (respite) as well.

These visits may just be overnight, or they may go for up to 14 days at a time.

The purpose of respite is for the carer to have a break, or pursue an activity or travel that may otherwise be very difficult or impossible while their attention needs to be on the person needing the care.

The benefits of short-term accommodation to the person in care is they have a trained professional on hand to ensure their needs are met, plus they can enjoy activities of their choice. Activities include theme nights, pizza parties, or sometimes they may just want to have a quiet time in the house and watch something on the TV.

During visits they also have the opportunity for some social interaction with other visitors if they wish, and during the day they can go out with the carers and enjoy activities in town like visiting the shops, movies, the park or anything else of interest to them.

Alternatively, Interchange can offer in-home respite which may be important to the person requiring care, such as the need to always be in familiar surroundings.

Beyond respite, Lagoon Street also hosts Interchange's local Day Programs, where participants again have the opportunity to make friends and do a lot of fun and interesting activities.

Sleepover: Respite care offers the carer a break or the chance to do something else, and the person in care can enjoy any activities they like. Photos: Supplied

These activities in the various programs - and there are quite a few to choose from to cater for a wide variety of interests - not only aim to fill their day with enjoyment but they can also improve one or more of their skills at the same time.

The long-term goals for each of their participants who are living with a disability is to learn skills that help them live more independently. The facility, and the organisation, serves people living with any type of a disability, and the appropriate type of care is provided to each individual, in some cases one-to-one.

Additionally, there is also a handy transport service, inclusive of wheelchair access, for those who need it to attend the Day Programs, or as part of their other care services, taking people to appointments, shopping, or anywhere else they need to go.

Interchange Australia is NDIS approved, and they have capacity available for new clients. Visit their Goulburn office at 62-64 Goldsmith Street or call 1300 112 334 to find out more.

Supporting regional areasAdvertising Feature

Mark from Crookwell has been involved with Anglicare since he was 10 years old when he began taking part in weekend social activities. Photo: Supplied

For Crookwell local, Yvonne, the opening of Anglicare's Disability Day Centre earlier this year meant the end of regular trips to Goulburn to access disability support for her 40 year old son, Mark who has Down syndrome.

"It's a relief to have a disability service like Anglicare's based here for the young people in this community," said Yvonne, who lives with her husband on a property outside Crookwell.

"My husband and I are in our 80s and we only go to Goulburn when we absolutely have to. It's not as easy a drive any more. There's more traffic. Without Anglicare, we'd have to find a way for Mark to go to the nearest service in Goulburn, which isn't easy."

COVID-19 restrictions have also had an impact on Mark and his family this year.

"He has been at home for long stretches because of the lockdowns and it's not good for him all the time. Mark enjoys the activities and the socialising he can do at the centre. And the Anglicare staff members really care for him," Yvonne said.

"Now that activities are running again, Mark is picked up by the Anglicare team and Mark gets to catch up with his friends. He's pretty easy going. He likes to do word puzzles - he's pretty good at that - and dancing and music. He likes music really loud."

For Yvonne and her husband, having a local centre with staff they know gives them peace of mind that Mark is cared for. The centre hours also give Yvonne, who is Mark's primary carer, the ability during her day to shop and do other activities for herself.

Mark began his involvement with Anglicare when he was just 10 years old when he began taking part in weekend social activities, which also gave Yvonne and her husband some respite.

"Over the years with Anglicare, I can't fault anyone in the team," Yvonne said.

"They are cooperative, good people who have been so good to Mark over the years. They look after him as an individual even though he's in a group. You don't have to think twice about getting involved with Anglicare."

For more information about Anglicare's Disability Day Centres in Goulburn or Crookwell, call 4823 4000 or visit anglicare.com.au.

A sure way to find a jobAdvertising Feature

FINDING A JOB SUITABLE FOR YOU: Employment consultant Lauren Hines understands the challenges people living with a disability face. Photo: Supplied

Being out of work can be a stressful and challenging time for many locals living with a disability, injury, or illness. Sureway Employment & Training are here to help. Employment consultant Lauren Hines said it had been a testing time particularly for people who may have found themselves out of work for the first time following COVID-19.

"If you have found yourself in this situation you can be sure that at Sureway Goulburn, our team is your team," Lauren said.

The services aim to help people identify what is holding them back from work and create a plan to move forward.

"Our goal is to support locals to find work right here in town, which in turn enables the Goulburn community to grow stronger and move forward. Our friendly team are a passionate bunch of locals who are ready to assist you in getting into work."

Services are tailored to the individual and their unique situation, and job seekers could expect to be highly engaged along their pathway to work.

"Your employment consultant will work with you to identify your strengths, build upon your soft skills, and connect you with relevant training and work experience opportunities."

Lauren said that the services also focus on long-term success for their job seekers.

"Our support can include things like additional training, clothing and equipment for work, on-the-job visits and regular check-ins."

Lauren emphasised that the services are free for both job seekers and employers.

"Delivering services under the Australian government's jobactive and Disability Employment Services (DES) contracts means that we can connect job seekers with a vast network of employers in all types of industries at no cost to you."

NDIS participants seeking employment-related supports may also be eligible for Sureway health support, finding and keeping a job therapy service which is delivered via telehealth.

KEY TO SUCCESS: Sureway can help you formulate a plan when job-searching.Photo: Supplied

The counselling-based service is designed to help people achieve positive change in their life to get them back on a path to successful employment by overcoming the barriers holding them back from finding or keeping a job.

This may include things such as dealing with anxiety, depression, grief and trauma or providing strategies on how to manage stress and sleep to ensure you are prepared for the workforce.

"This time of year, is a great time to think about your goals, especially if you have just finished school and are ready to look for work. We encourage and welcome locals to reach out for a no-obligation chat about how our team could help you create a plan to reach your goals," she said.

Contact Sureway or pop into their offices to find out how they can help you.