Hay, it’s allergy season 

A LOCAL GP has advised of a few quick tips to relieve the sniffles and sneezes, with Goulburn in the midst of an unusually high hayfever season.

Dr Sue Storrier from the Marima Medical Centre told the Post the rise in Hay-fever incidence can be attributed to the cold and wet winter and lush spring growth, which has led to thriving pollen counts.

Recent windy conditions have also stirred the pot, setting off an allergic response.

“The grass pollen gets into the nasal mucosa and sets off the allergic reaction which releases histamines,” she said “If you know you are a hay-fever sufferer, see your doctor about a month before hay-fever season.

“If you are caught short, use the saline nose spray to wash the nose through and help the mucas membrane shrink, which is available at the chemist. Anti-Histamines are also available, some sedating and some non-sedating.”

Hay-fever, or Allergic Rhinitis, is caused by an allergy to grass pollen which causes the body to release histamines, leading to redness and inflammation of the nose.

Symptoms include sneezing, runny nose, itchy ears, nose and throat, red, itchy and watery eyes, congestion headaches, coughing and more.

Preventative tips and symptom management include staying indoors on days with high pollen levels, cleaning surfaces regularly to avoid accumulation of dust among many more.

Dr Storrier recommended visiting a local pharmacist to discuss medications available to assist in easing the hay-fever blues, such as nasal sprays, eye drops and anti-histamines.

Weatherzone advises that pollen levels in the atmosphere will be highest on hot days and on days where a dry wind is blowing. Additionally, light rain overnight or early morning will also cause high pollen levels.

Dr Storrier said that for asthmatics in particular it is important to keep on top of medication throughout the season as hayfever directly affects the respiratory system. She recommends seeing your doctor about increasing ventilin intake and preventer sprays.


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