Training under the best

GOULBURN'S Lai Lai Taekwondo had the chance for a once in a lifetime opportunity recently, to train with the most experienced Taekwondo martial artist in the world, First Grand Master (FGM) Rhee Ki Ha.

The team travelled to the Curtin University of Technology in Perth along with 130 others from training clubs as far a field as Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Wagga, Singapore and the UK.

Attendees from white to eighth degree black belt waited eagerly to learn from the Master.

Finally the time came and the legendary First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha and his son, Master Andrew Rhee, arrived to conduct two days of training.

The pair had travelled 15,000 kilometres from Glasgow to Perth.

As soon as FGM Rhee made his introductory speech, the group went straight into warming up with Master Andrew Rhee, a seventh degree black belt. Subsequently, the students performed the simple four directional punch, block and kick sequences, the Chon-ji pattern and various other drills.

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