Climate change will affect wildlife and agriculture

A quick scan of the Hot, Dry and Deadly report by the NSW Nature Conservation Council reveals a bleak picture.

The report is being launched in Goulburn on July 20 and it draws together the latest research to highlight the effects of global warming on local species and landscapes. 

Across the tablelands, the report suggests there will be increased temperatures and lower levels of rainfall. The implications for this region not only extend to reducing native species and habitat for them but also to decreasing agricultural livelihoods and increasing the risk of bushfires. 

While the outlook may be bleak, there is still time to act. Cutting climate pollution is very much within our power, and everyone has a part to play. The report says that NSW needs to reduce emissions to zero by 2040 at the latest and retire our coal-fired power stations by 2030 to halt further climate damage. 

We have said often that Goulburn is located in the midst of the renewable energy revolution. It is surrounded by wind farms and more bioreactors and solar farms are coming on board each year. The council is becoming more efficient with our waste and water reuse. 

Maybe it was because Goulburn lived through a devastating drought of the early 2000’s that we are especially keen to embrace such ideas here. We are also an old farming community an no-one knows better than farmers about the need to work in with mother nature in order to keep making a living from it. 

The evening and the report should provide some interesting food for thought. 

Let there be snow

The story of Greg Appleton building a snow machine is a story that does more than melt your heart.

It echoes a resounding voice of community spirit and inclusion, which spans further than the familiar streets that line your neighbourhood. Yes, it is winter and for some it already feels that there is a blanket of snow pilling up across the region. But for Greg it was more than just the snow.

His experiment was founded on a belief that is today too often lost in the storm of quick fix, technological entertainment.  He proved that there is nothing as effective than the binding strength of people coming together, sharing a moment, and realising that there is in fact an overwhelming warmth found amidst a strong winter breeze.

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