Scammers and cops : Town Talk (11/10)

This week's Town Talk features an entertaining HIghway Patrol episode and scammers who continue to prey.

This week's Town Talk features an entertaining HIghway Patrol episode and scammers who continue to prey.

Throwing your problems out the window

There is a lot of admiration for those donned in blue and white.

It’s not easy for police to cover the Hume LAC and problems of this district.

With the jail, major highways, a diversity of city and regional styled crimes and general tomfoolery it’s not hard to sympathise with those on the front line.

Recently, residents were treated to an entertaining behind the scenes look at local crime.

Highway Patrol, the popular Australian police television, which is known more for its entertaining, clueless and often dangerous offenders – as opposed to any form of household deterrence, screened an episode of an incident in Goulburn.

The episode followed a man driving an unregistered car who led the police on a short pursuit.

Suspicious behaviour was confirmed by police when they soon realised the man threw a bag allegedly containing ice outside his window.

It is what can only be chalked up as an attempt to, quite literally, separate himself from the crime.

We suspect that there are many such stories like this and know that this will be one the officers at the station will not easily forget. 

Scammers are at it again

Scammers are at it again – this time sending out fraudulent infringement notices to local people via email.

A former Post journalist, Leon Oberg, came in to say that he had received at least two scam emails informing him he had been issued with an infringement notices for speeding. 

“I was surprised because such notices usually come in the mail and these emails were sent from various places, including Dubbo,” he said. 

Mr Oberg took the matter up with local police, who advised him they had received a lot of similar complaints. 

Please always check your emails carefully and do not click on any suspicious links.

  • Anyone who receives a fraudulent email can report it online to the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network at
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