Your scribe vs supermarkets 

ONE day we can expect the supermarkets to get us to restock the shelves every time we buy something – it’s about the only thing they don’t yet expect from their customers.

There is one near our place where instead of a check out person telling us how much we owe, there is a line of electronic machines and the customer does everything himself, from weighing a purchase and pressing a few buttons then paying the bill.

On principle (also because he is not very smart when computers are concerned) your scribe won’t have anything to do with this ‘do it yourself’ type of shopping.

You don’t even get a discount for doing the work yourself.

Then there is the problem of the petrol service stations that are owned by the big supermarket chains.

Those of us who are not big shoppers should boycott them because we are subsidising the big spenders. Surely, if the service stations can make a profit by selling fuel for eight and even ten cents a litre to the bigger customers, why do they expect me and the rest of the other small spenders pay so much more?

This is serious discrimination against the people, such as the pensioners and the very low income earners. Why should we be expected to pay so much more for their fuel - and therefore subsidise the big spenders.

We should have a national campaign and buy our fuel only from service stations that are not owned by the big supermarkets.

The present system is certainly discriminating against the lowest income earners.

And continuing the whinge, the NSW Government is making big cuts to the public service – something that surely needs to be done every now and again – but at the same time it is reported that the same government puts substantial amount of money into the racing industry.

Why? Why should any government subsidise any non-productive industry, such as horse racing? If the answer is that it employs lots of people, the same could be said about government departments, some of which provide valuable services.

The real answer, then, has to be that the government depends on taxes from the gambling that is always associated with racing – if that is the case we have the sad situation where our government depends on the gambling dollar to provide the services the people need.

Surely it’s time governments of all colours started weaning themselves off the tainted money that comes from gambling.

And that’s the whinge for this week.


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