LETTER: Standing for three cities only

POLITICALLY, it is true that NSW stands for Newcastle, Sydney and Wollongong. These three largely industrial cities usually determine the outcome of the State Government elections.

For the past 60 years the Liberal coalition has only been in office for 19 of those years including the one year that the O’Farrell Government has served so far.

The longest serving Liberal Premier was Robert (later Sir Robert) Askin who survived for 10 years from 1965-1975.

No other Liberal Premier since then has served more than one term.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that Goulburn is not going to enjoy any favours from this government.

Because of the way that the previous Labor government left the State’s finances there could be more job losses in Goulburn and transfers that appear to benefit Wollongong.

Our problem is that Goulburn is considered to be a safe seat for the Liberal Party and the sitting member is expected to smooth the waters by assuring us that the cuts are a result of Labor’s mismanagement.

Regional areas will continue to suffer as the government becomes more city centric to try and ensure that they do remain in office for more than one term.

The fractured Labor party will have great difficulty restructuring before the next election after having three Premiers in the past six years they appear to have insurmountable internal difficulties.

Meanwhile, we must hope that there are no more job losses in Goulburn and if it looks as though there could be we must let the government know that we are not prepared to accept any more cuts.

Allan Chapman, Windellama.


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