LETTER: Limited options in two horse race

EVER wondered why preferential voting is compulsory in a Federal Election?

It’s the way that Labor and Liberal have set it up so that one of them ends up with your vote even if you don’t want to vote for them.

As each person is eliminated in the counting process and the votes given to the next in line on the ballots, eventually your vote will end up with one of the two main parties unless you happen to be in an electorate where an independent or other gets in. How can you stop this happening?

If you are like most people I’ve been talking to who dislike both Labor and Liberal, you need to have a good look at all of the other candidates who will be standing in your electorate and see what they stand for. Talk with your friends and neighbours and see what they think.

Phone the candidates you like and ask them why you should vote for them. You, the voting public have the power to change the way your country is run if you decide to use it.

I hope you would find that Katter’s Australian Party stands for the ideals that you prefer, but I don’t mind if you believe it is an independent or other party as long as you are voting for the change I know you want.

We might not be able to change the world but hopefully together we can change our Country!

Bruce Nicholson, KAP Candidate for Hume.


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