LETTER: Global warming – politically inspired?

THE opening words of Norman Lindwall’s letter to the editor of December 7, makes an interesting insight regarding the onset of global warming: “If any resignation is pending in the political arena then surely it should be that of radio broadcaster Alan Jones.”

What would concern Norman is this: The Achilles Heel of global warming is its political foundations. Else Alan Jones would be of no threat to global warming. A historical perspective is useful to understand this:

* When the Greens came into existence, CO2 Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) was and still is an article of their faith.

* The IPCC, a political organisation of the United Nations always massaged and edited its scientific report so that it agreed with its report for policy makers.

* CO2 AGW was promoted as the only theory behind global warming to the exclusion of six other theories relating to climate change.

* CO2 AGW infected our federal government when it was very unhealthy, i.e. when the Greens and independents held the balance of power, giving us the Carbon Tax.

It should be understood that we have CO2 AGW and a Carbon Tax as a result of a political process. Since this global warming had a political beginning, it must have a political end.

If there is going to be an end to this global warming it will require courage and conviction of the voter to elect politicians who will not only repeal the Carbon Tax but also put an end to our association with the IPCC, and various pursuits of CO2 AGW mitigation.

Adrian Van Der Byl, CDP candidate for Hume.


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