Surplus depends on no CO2 tax: CDP candidate

CHRISTIAN Democratic Party candidate for Hume Adrian Van Der Byl says if the next federal government is to have a budget surplus, Gonski, the National Disability Insurance Scheme and the NBN, it will have to remove the “white elephant” brought in by Julia Gillard.

“Climate change and emissions reduction ... it all has to go,” he said.

“It has to undo all the infrastructure and the indoctrination brought to us by the Climate Change Commission.

“Tony Abbott may well have done his training as a Jesuit Priest, but if he does not get rid of Climate Change completely he is still a servant of the green religion of the environment.”

Mr Van Der Byl said this year’s Budget was a campaign budget for the next federal election.

“The government’s commitment to border protection, Gonski, NDIS, its darling war on climate change and the carbon tax have now made the promised budget surplus into a monumental deficit of $16 billion,” he said.

“When it comes to the Opposition’s response, (the Goulburn Post's) Tom Sebo has put it well with the following words: ‘The Centrepiece was scrapping the Carbon Tax, in favour of a direct action (using taxpayers money to help polluters reduce emissions), and using the ACCC to ensure energy companies pass on the savings’.

“And to this Tony Abbott received a standing ovation at the end of the budget reply, a resounding endorsement to spend $3.2 billion of our money on emissions reduction. “Neither Tony Abbott nor Julia Gillard will admit that this whole CO2 global warming climate change thing is a scam designed to transfer wealth.

“One has to go to the antipodes of the earth to learn what our climate change commission will not tell you,” Mr Van Der Byl said, referring to a March 16, 2013 article from the UK Daily Mail which claims rising CO2 levels are not causing world mean global temperatures to rise.

Meantime, Independent candidate James Harker- Mortlock has expressed dismay that leading motoring advocacy group, NRMA, hasn’t given the Barton Highway duplication more priority.

“It is very disappointing to see that the NRMA has failed to include the Barton Highway duplication in its Demand Better Roads campaign for the Federal Election,” he said.

“This is especially unhelpful after the failure of either the Liberal Party or the Labor Party to refer to the Barton Highway duplication in their budget announcements.

“I contacted the NRMA about the omission of the Barton Highway duplication. I was told that the Barton Highway duplication was not considered to be in the top five priority projects for the ACT and NSW. The best the NRMA could suggest was to ask people to vote yet again in its Seeing Red on Roads survey.”

He added: “I note that neither the Liberal Party nor the Labor Party candidates for Hume has commented upon this omission by the NRMA nor have they offered any reason for their respective party’s failure to make any commitment to fund the Barton Highway duplication.”


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