Letters to the editor | March 17

A mother fastens a notice onto her son's back before he sets out, circa 1937. Photo: Hulton Archive, supplied

A mother fastens a notice onto her son's back before he sets out, circa 1937. Photo: Hulton Archive, supplied

Stay safe on our roads

I would like to raise a couple of points about bicycles on the road.

Bicycles do not pay any registration, but most of the sensible riders do have insurance and a very big percentage of cyclists do have at least one car they pay rego on, but prefer to ride a bike as this keeps them fit and one can see more on a bike than in a car.

As far as them slowing cars up, something is wrong with the driver as cars can overtake a bicycle easily as long as they do it safely. The NSW Road Rules and the Road Users' Handbook are good information sources for NSW road rules.

Since March 2016, drivers who pass a bicycle rider must allow a distance of at least one metre when the speed limit is 60km/h or less; and 1.5 metres when the speed limit is more than 60km/h.

It really does not take a lot of effort for vehicles to overtake a bicycle, especially on country roads like we have.

Bicycle riders are only allowed to ride two abreast and when there are two riders, another rider can overtake them as long as it is safe. As far as drivers are concerned, it is actually safer to overtake two riders than, say, a tractor or a truck, as at least you can easily see past the two riders.

I hope this bit of information will help both drivers and cyclists understand better how to stay safe on our roads.

Paul Agius, Goulburn

Thank you, Goulburn Lions

On behalf of the ‘Old Boys and Girls’ from St John’s and St Joseph’s orphanages, I would like to pass on our thank you to the Goulburn Lions Club.

Your fantastic food and friendly service at our recent reunion, held in the grounds of the old St Joseph’s orphanage, helped our event to be most memorable reunion for many years. The Lions Club fed us many years ago when were children at the orphanages and it was great to see you feeding us again. Communities need people like you.

Thank you, Phil Blake, and your wonderful crew of volunteers!

Phil & Bev Merrigan, Charlestown

Dear souls denied final wish

I would like to support the views of Paul Agius in letters to the editor recently. 

Unfortunately, I missed Father McDermott’s lecture on what can and cannot be sung or said at our funerals because I haven't attended Mass for about four years now. I was raised in an atheist home, but I chose Catholicism when I was 13. I have had very warm and loving relationships with most of my parish priests, but now I feel betrayed by them.

I have worked with victims of sexual abuse, I have seen what it does to people. How many of those dear souls died an early death due to alcohol and drug abuse and suicide, with the Church still using their power over them by denying them and their loved ones their final wish.

Narelle Gaudry-Brown, Goulburn

Land titles affect everyone

The Berejiklian Government's proposed privatisation of NSW Land and Property Information (the old Land Titles office) is a short-sighted and poorly thought out privatisation of a fundamental public service.

It shows how far out of touch this Government is with the concerns and needs of this State, particularly in regional NSW.

Everyone buying or selling a home deals with the Land Titles office. Yet its role goes beyond that – councils, emergency services, and infrastructure providers rely on accurate and affordable information to carry out many of their roles.

Under the Government’s privatisation, all users will end up paying more. "In fact, in getting the registry ready for sale, the Government has already increased some fees and charges by 740 per cent.”

This will affect everyone in the community. For example, if you require the services of an electrician or plumber, under a privatised LPI, that tradesperson will pay a premium fee if they need to access plans and mapping – which you will ultimately pay for.

What makes this plan all the worse is that the proceeds go towards upgrades of sporting stadiums in Sydney.

The National Party has stood quietly by and allowed freemarketeers in the Liberal Party to carry out this senseless privatisation.

The people of regional NSW need to contact their local National Party MP and ask them why they would support the sell-off of this world-class and widely respected service.

Mick Veitch MLC, Country Labor