Shoosh for kids week

Shooosh! Photo: supplied.
Shooosh! Photo: supplied.

Kids remember plenty of rules when they play sport, but there’s on rule the NSW Office of Sport wants parents to remember: Shooosh!

Sport should be a positive, happy place for kids to enjoy themselves while being active, says Office of Sport Chief Executive Matt Miller.

“Most people do the right thing,” says Mr Miller, but the group wants to remind parents to stay positive when playing sport.

The Office of Sport has five key pieces of advice for soccer-dads and rugby-mums:

  • If your comment is negative, then SHOOSH!
  • If your comment is directed at a player, then SHOOSH!
  • If you comment is directed at a referee or match official, then SHOOSH!
  • Reward good play by both teams with applause; if you can’t then SHOOSH!
  • Show respect to players and game officials. Remember it’s their game.

Sporting groups around NSW will be participating in ‘Shoosh for kids week’ this week to encourage kids to keep playing sport.