Commander's Desk with Andrew Koutsoufis | May 19

There were two terrible incidents on our local roads this week. It’s too early to confirm, however initial investigations suggest both accidents were caused by driver inattention or fatigue.

Once again two avoidable incidents have caused the death of two people on our local roads. The impact will be devastating for both their families.

I urge all our roads users, like I do nearly every week, to take care on our roads.

If tired, take a break. A micro sleep can happen in a split second and can cause lifelong tragedy.

 Do not use your phone when driving.

Since being the commander here at the Hume, too many lives have been lost due to people using their phones whilst driving, killing themselves or someone else.

Be responsible for your driving. Like I said last week, drive so others survive.   

It is National Fraud Week and subsequently we have been warned about numerous scams and general cyber security issues.

I have personally investigated a number of these scams and many of them are really hard to pick, are professionally put together and can sting you quite easily.

Be vigilant and if you are unsure about an email do not open any attachments and just delete. The old adage "if it sounds to good to be true it probably is" is a safe bet. 

Look up "SCAMwatch" and the NSW Police Force website or Facebook page for more information about scams and how to avoid them.

There are heaps of good up-to-date information about current scams, so get educated and get scam-safe.

Social media scams are becoming prevalent at the moment, with victims losing millions of dollars to these scams. 

Again, I strongly encourage all to check out SCAMwatch on the internet at, and become familiar with our very own NSW Police Force social media and websites, such as 

Stay safe until next week...


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