Two men united by their long legacy to the community

Two men with two seemingly different stories.

Joe Weekes, one half of Mick and Joe’s Discount Tyres, was a man who grew up from very humble beginnings.

Son Darrell Weekes’ obituary for his father was a touching recollection of Joe’s life that could have easily filled up more pages than one.

The story of his success is uplifting and filled with an unwavering determination to accomplish one’s dreams.

At a young age he quit school to help his family following the death of his father. As a teenager, one of his first jobs in Yass meant he had to drive his push bike along the Hume Highway every day.

When he moved to Goulburn in 1962 with his wife Toni, Joe worked multiple jobs. With a love for rugby league and later golf, there is an abundance of stories about his willingness to help customers and the wider community.

Dr Sujon arrived from India with the dreams of pursuing his medical career. The gynaecologist and obstetrician specialist, unbeknown at the time, would stay in Goulburn for close to 30 years.

He cites the inspiration for pursuing medicine was conceived as a child, when he and his siblings would track the movements of their local doctor in awe.

Despite the intensity of his work and practice, he believes to have always maintained a mindset of positivity and openness.

Avoiding the pit of destructive thinking was a cornerstone for the doctor’s long and rewarding career.

In nature, the story of Joe Weekes and Dr Sujon appear unrelated.

One was surrounded by cars and mechanics, the other housed within the walls of a hospital – but the two men have a lot to teach.

For Joe Weekes, it is the value he placed on the community. He was always willing to help, not just those close, but those he did not even know. The success of his customer service, cited multiple times by his son, is evidence of this.

This was similar for Dr Sujon, set to leave Goulburn, who selflessly attended to the needs of his patients. This was emotionally articulated on Facebook, when multiple mothers shared their heartfelt experiences with the doctor.

These two legacies have left a trail of wonder, a raw awakening and above all a hope that will never be tarnished or disturbed by time.