Film made at South Hill Gallery

It’s been the home of many fine exhibitions from some of the nation's top artists, but last Saturday, South Hill Gallery was a hot set. 

With the upcoming marriage equality survey set to hit mailboxes throughout the next fortnight, 19-year-old filmmaker Jack Bell was keen to use his talents to convince people to vote yes. 

With the support of Gallery owners Linda and Roland Gumbert, the young director transformed the main room into an intimate setting to make the case.

“We planned to film long form interviews to be cut into shorter videos showcasing the thoughts and opinions on marriage equality from people in Goulburn,” Bell explained. 

They would later be uploaded to YouTube and shared on local pro marriage equality Facebook pages, as well as, he hoped, many more pages further afield. 

The videos feature a diverse group of locals, including both men and women of all ages and sexual orientations. 

The result is an eclectic mix of powerful summations, with the common theme being fairness and equality.

The videos also features some heartfelt original music by Lachlan Phelps. 

Bell is currently in the process of applying  for film school and has ambitions of one day helming a major motion picture. 

He has made a number of short films and music videos but says this project holds a special place in his heart.

"I wanted to be able to make some form of meaningful impact in the push for equal rights,” Bell said.

“I think social media is one of the things that has the biggest possibility to do that.

“I hope that people see the videos and it opens up a dialogue and maybe changes a few people’s minds.”

The Gumberts happily watched on while their gallery was converted into a film set and say they were more than happy to support the project. 

Both are advocates of marriage equality and, as Mr Gumbert pointed out, South Hill has always and will always be an inclusive place. 

"One of the reasons we wanted to open a gallery here was that we wanted to be able to bring the community together in a really positive way," he said.

“It was very interesting for me because in doing so it exposed me to a lot of different types of people and allowed me to get to know them in a way that was different to my previous career as a lawyer.”

Mr Gumbert strongly believes people should be treated equally, regardless of our skin colour, gender or ethnicity.

“I can't for the life of me work out why we try to distinguish between people...” Mr Gumbert said. 

Homosexuality “is not a choice,” he said.

“And knowing that, what choice do I have but to support full equality the gay and lesbian community?” 

Mr Gumbert has seen much progress in his life, from our changing views on race to our acceptance of same sex couples.

However, he believes there is still work to be done if we're to achieve full equality. 

Likewise for Bell, these reforms signify something much deeper and more aspirational for our country. 

“I support marriage equality because I believe Australia should be synonymous with fairness and inclusiveness,” he said.

“Not dragging behind the rest of the world and encouraging division.”


  • Tom Sebo is a member of Australians for Marriage Equality in the federal seat of Hume, and a former Goulburn Post journalist. His guest editorial is on page 8.


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