Construction on Stockade Brewco expected later this year

Anton Szpitalak.

Anton Szpitalak.

Stockade Brewco CEO Anton Szpitalak said residents should expect to see preliminary construction work for the brewery site by the end of the year as the countdown for operation begins. 

Mr Szpitalak addressed the Goulburn Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday morning as a guest speaker voicing his future plans, including the incorporation of a hospitality business. 

Stockade Brewco currently employs about 70 people in south west Sydney. Mr Szpitalak said the existing facility would not change, but the Goulburn site would be an extension to their manufacturing works with some working out of the Goulburn facility. 

“The turnover is super high,” he said in reference to the large amount of brewers trained by Stockade Brewco.

“We don’t need as much labour per unit due to the modern facility. Hopefully we have half a dozen good people out here.” 

In Australia, Stockade Brewco have established relationships with independent retailers, and overseas the beer can be purchased in South Korea, Thailand and Singapore with plans to expand into China and Vietnam next year. 

He cited major traffic as an opportunity to advertise and entice customers.

“It’s a function of money. We’re a small family business with big dreams and that costs a lot of coin,” he said in response to a question about a restaurant erected as part of the facility.

“I don’t know when that will happen. It could be as soon as we move in or two years down the track but that is a plan we have.” Stockade Brewco makes beer, cider and energy drinks.


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