Local Leader | Goulburn AP&H Society: Showgirl competition celebrates young, rural women

The Land Sydney Royal Showgirl Competition has been running for over 50 years.

The inaugural showgirl competition was held in 1962. It was introduced to strengthen links between the city and the country, and it rapidly increased in popularity. Each year over 500 young women enter the showgirl competition annually throughout NSW, with competitions run by around 120 show societies. 

Today, contestants continue to be young, rural women with purpose and ambition, and the competition plays a significant role in the overall development of rural youth.  Entrants must have a genuine interest in and knowledge of rural NSW. Contestants are judged on personality, confidence, ambition and life goals, presentation and speech, and knowledge of their local community and current affairs. It is definitely not a beauty pageant.

The competition aims to find young female ambassadors for rural NSW and the agricultural show movement. The winning showgirl of each local society remains in the role until the next year’s show. Her role may involve many duties such as opening a show, presenting prizes and ribbons for winners, judging the junior showgirl competitions even public speaking.

The Goulburn Showgirl Dinner will be held on Friday, December 8 at 6.30pm, at the Grace Millsom Function Centre at the Goulburn Recreation Area Showground, where our 2018 showgirl will be announced. You don’t need to be a member of the society to attend the dinner.

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Jacki Waugh.

Jacki Waugh.