"I think we know who’s getting coal for Christmas"

Not a happy Santa.

Not a happy Santa.

An unlucky Christmas

Christmas is a time for giving.

For those who believe in Santa, he is the ultimate giver. Spending the whole year up in the north pole, churning out gifts and training reindeers for an around the world trip is no easy task. There is also a risk, not only in travel but a risk in getting caught when placing all the presents under the tree. 

The Goulburn Post news room was therefore surprised to hear that someone had stolen from Santa.

It is believed a person stole Santa’s bank card while he was in the middle of taking Santa photos. I think we know who’s getting coal for Christmas. 

Dogs and more dogs

A Goulburn Post journalist broke into laughter following an email received by a reader which read:

“This morning, I was out for a walk when I approached the new bronze dogs on the corner of Verner and Auburn. A car came down Verner Street and stopped at the give way sign.

“In the back seat of the car was a large dog. It immediately stuck its head out the window, straining at the limitations of the available opening and started barking hysterically at the bronze dogs. Which cause both myself and the car’s driver to similarly laugh hysterically.

“He drove off with the dog continuing to bark.”

Flushing out love

Local comedian Maddy Weeks recently took to Twitter to share an awkward encounter. One of the builders working on her house was a person she had recently matched with on Tinder, the online dating app. 

She was surprised to see him in the flesh, which raises questions about online dating remaining, well, really online. People seem comfortable with controlling online platforms.

Alas, the story of Maddy and the builder has no true love ending. One of her last tweets was a picture of a toilet unflushed, with the seat up. “I’m unmatching immediately,” she tweeted, to a chorus of amused followers.