Double demerit points 2017: the facts

It’s the question that gets asked every Christmas and New Year.

Does your state have double demerit points for driving offences in the holiday period?

Only NSW, ACT and Western Australia have double demerit points in place this year, from December 22 to January 1, 2018, inclusive.

Victoria has never had double demerit points.

Bendigo Highway Patrol Acting Sergeant Peter Dyer said in 2016 that those travelling outside Victoria should be aware other states do have a double demerit points set-up.

“Victoria has never had double demerit points.The states that do are Queensland, Western Australia, NSW and the ACT,” he said.

“The periods these states have double demerits all differ but they are mainly holiday times and long weekends when traffic volume are at the highest.”

Acting Sergeant Dyer said there were numerous road rules offences that incur demerit points.

“Safety offences like speeding, mobile phone use and not wearing seatbelts normally carry demerit points. The list is extensive,” he said.