Goulburn veterans soccer carnival 2018 | GALLERY

Goulburn’s over 35s soccer tournament has become a popular fixture on the regional sporting calendar. This year, 14 teams from the South Coast to Wagga Wagga, some combining with teammates from other areas, came together at the Cookbundoon Sports Fields for two days of enjoyment and competitive football.

 Referees mostly from Goulburn and the Highlands kept the players in line and administered the rules.

Rain scuds throughout Saturday kept the temperature down but did not disrupt the games, perhaps keeping players a little more refreshed that is often the case on these summer season competitions.

There was plenty of friendly banter across the fields as this year several teams included female players who gave as good as they got.

The emphasis on the competition is the social aspect of the game although the object for most was to get their hands on the silverware at the end. Across the sides there were several players who had been part of the game at quite high levels in the past , but age and other commitments had brought them back to this more social, weekend away with mates.