Comment | A right royal fuss over a London wedding

If you don’t like the “royals” and/or “weddings”, now might be a good time to turn off all electronic devices and go into hibernation for at least the next week.

Royal fever has well and truly gripped the country again in the lead-up to the nuptials of Prince Harry and his bride-to-be Meghan Markle.

Yes indeed, the royal wedding is shaping up to be the most watched wedding since, well, the last royal wedding.

Some 8000 journalists from all over the world are covering the event in London and they are all looking for every angle possible.

Every day there seems to be a new twist in the saga, largely centred around the American actor and divorcee, who is set to become the latest member of the Royal Family.

This week’s it’s been about Meghan Markle’s dad, his dealings with the paparazzi, the resulting fallout and whether he will be now attending the ceremony or not.

Yet the stories don’t end there.

There have been stories as to whether or not Serena Williams will be able to attend the wedding.

She can, thankfully. She’s withdrawn from the Italian Open to be there.

Yes, really.

There have been copious stories about just “who” has been invited and somewhat more controversially “who has not”.

If you absolutely loathe the royals and all they stand for and would prefer not to hear about them, you will probably be swimming against the tide for the next week.

The royal wedding is already trending across all forms of social media and will only increase as the big moment draws near, which is on Saturday night by the way (Australian time).

Wondering whether you will be able to catch it on TV on Saturday night? Well, it will be on the Nine Network, ABC, SBS and Channel Seven. Is that enough for you?

Like it or not, wedding fever has even has infected the Southern Tablelands.

Viewing parties will be held across the region, and we hear more than one whisper that guests plan to frock up and rock up in true wedding style. Headwear a must, in keeping with royal protocol.

If you still need a further fix of wedding images from the action in London as well as the local events, stay tuned to on Saturday night.

The royal wedding is an event not to be missed … well, not until the next royal wedding, at least.