Goulburn "Poets" celebrate 26 years

On June 12 1992 the Goulburn Poets group was formed. A group of blokes would meet of a Friday afternoon every second month for a meal a chat and some liquid refreshments.

Bob Kirk and Chris Grant were among the instigators of this group, who back then would mostly take extended lunch breaks for a chance to unwind and catch up on what was happening in their world.

Today the group is some 30 members strong and the meeting place is usually the Goulburn Golf Club on the first or second Friday every two months.

Many of the members are now retired or semi retired. Others attend when they can get the afternoon off.

On Friday the numbers were down a bit as some were away, taking advantage of the long weekend or had escaped to a warmer climate.

 The conversations were quite lively and included State of Origin, the replacement of the spire on the Uniting Church and how the Cathedral that was the reason for Goulburn being proclaimed a city should also have one. Of course there were other side conversations about the Bowling Club and the success of the women in recent times and between these Terry Tilden squeezed in the odd joke and humorous story from his vast repertoire.

If you would like to know more about this loosely convened group talk to Bob Kirk, Chris Grant, Danny Kennedy, Allan Hutchins or any of the other members you may find inspiration to join.